Matthew C. Kennedy

Director I Cinematographer I Editor

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Stay Aubrey

Cinematographer (Detroit): Matthew C. Kennedy


Writer, Director, Producer: Vladimir Kabelik
Director of Photography: Michael Savoie
Picture Editor: Haya Waseem
Michael Burshtyn: Supervising Editor
Stephen Barden: Location & Post Sound


“STAY AUBREY!” is not about fame, though it includes famous names and faces. It’s not about music, though it’s full of exciting, glorious sound. It’s a story about desperation, love, sacrifice and a new beginning.

A music prodigy from the age of 13, legendary Canadian jazz drummer Aubrey Dayle saw his career sidetracked by systemic Lupus and Diabetes, and then derailed entirely by non-reversible kidney failure. One day he was performing, touring, and collaborating with musical icons like James “Blood” Ulmer’s Blues Experience, God Street Wine, and the John Popper Band. Then the next, Aubrey was dying.

With no suitable donor in a database, Aubrey was saved by his wife Julie who donated one of her kidneys to give her husband a new lease on life.

Today, Aubrey’s music is different: heavier and more complex. His latest CD “JEWEL” has been dedicated to Julie – his Jewel – to remember her sacrifice.

For some, it is just “another transplant story”, not sexy and not violent enough to attract attention. Until, one day, you get this strange look from your own physician…

~ Vladimir Kabelik ~


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