Matthew C. Kennedy

Director I Cinematographer I Editor



HOUSING_COMPLEX_BTS_IMAGES 1Compiling “flat” building in Photoshop using images of real building


Completed image of  “building” face in Photoshop


Aligning multiple faces in After Effects to give dimension



HOUSING_COMPLEX_BTS_IMAGES 5Mapping virtual camera to building



HOUSING_COMPLEX_BTS_IMAGES 6Final grade for building

Nicky Coolie’s Place

Director, Producer: Matthew Kennedy
Cinematographer: Matthew Kennedy
Editing and Compositing: Matthew Kennedy


What would it be like to hear every conversation in an apartment complex at the same time? What stories of hope, loss and humour would you be exposed to, and what affect would it have on you?


Assuming a superhero-like presence, this short experimental film combines various elements of live action and computer generated imagery to eavesdrop on conversations of a buildings inhabitants.


The film was constructed by using a single still photograph of a building. It was then spliced together in photoshop to increase the scale. After bringing it into compositing software it was multiplied 4 times and a virtual camera was added to give the perception of depth. The virtual camera was then mapped to give the impression of dolly-in and crane-up. Once all these elements for the building were complete it was then colour graded for effect and music and sfx were mixed with the original audio recordings.


Audio clips taken from Radio Diaries.