Matthew C. Kennedy

Director I Cinematographer I Editor


To transport one of the world’s largest oil drilling rigs halfway around the world, Hawk has to sink before she swims. To load, she sinks down in the water, submerging her expansive deck. Then, Hawk slips under the rig, expels her ballast and rises up – lifting  her towering cargo like a champion. From there, she embarks on a 25,000-kilometre voyage, beginning with the notorious traffic in Singapore, continuing through stormy seas off Western Africa, and finishing up with an unexpected drift in Norway that puts the ship and her cargo in jeopardy.

Algoma Equinox

Algoma Equinox is built to haul more cargo faster, using less fuel than any other Laker.  On this voyage, her crew scrambles to load and transport grain from one end of the world’s largest inland waterway to the other –  passing through four Great Lakes, as well as the mammoth locks and tight canals that comprise the St. Lawrence Seaway. Equinox and her crew battle the fierce ice and winds, encountering sudden and enormous shifts in water depth. And after offloading the grain, she takes on a load of iron ore heavy enough to bend the hull of the ship!

Maersk Interceptor 

The Maersk Interceptor is the largest rig of her kind. Purpose-built to drill for oil in the harshest seas on the planet, she plants her 207-metre long legs into the seafloor, then lifts her platform high above the raging seas, drilling as deep as three kilometres down. The biggest challenge comes at the start: towing the rig 170 kilometres off shore, positioning her, and readying her massive derrick for drilling. On this – her first-ever job – Interceptor’s crew is challenged by high stakes and the tough decisions required to survive the biggest storm to hit the North Sea in two decades.



Mighty Ships Season 8

Camera Operator: Matthew C. Kennedy


Mighty Ships is a documentary television program produced by Exploration Production Inc. in Canada and aired on Discovery Channel Canada and also broadcast around the world. Each episode of the series follows a particular sea-going vessel and provides an insight into the ship and its crew.


MIGHTY SHIPS is set to shove off for its epic eighth season, delivering an unparalleled stem-to-stern journey alongside the world’s most sophisticated vessels. The long-running Canadian mega-hit series, produced by Bell Media’s Exploration Production Inc. (EPI) in association with Discovery and seen in more than 150 territories around the world, uses stunning cinematography to capture the spectacular scale and innovation behind everything from luxurious cruise ships and cargo haulers to warships and oil drilling rigs, along with the navigational challenges of stormy seas and extreme weather.


Executive Producer: Karen McCairley
Series Producer: Richard Martyn
Line Producer/Production Manager: Douglas Thompson