Matthew C. Kennedy

Director I Cinematographer I Editor

Mighty Cruise Ships Season 2

Camera Operator: Matthew C. Kennedy

Distributed to 160 countries worldwide, the visually stunning series features unprecedented access to billion-dollar, cutting-edge, opulent vessels that sail passengers away to high seas luxury.

From the newest and largest cruise ship in its fleet able to accommodate more than 4,600 guests, to a vessel that is referred to as “a boutique hotel at sea”, and a ship able to navigate down the tightest of passages to remarkable places, MIGHTY CRUISE SHIPS takes viewers to some of the world’s most extraordinary hotspots. The series also goes behind the scenes of these seafaring marvels to reveal the high-stakes, behind-the-scenes navigational and technological challenges aboard the floating state-of-the-art vessels.


Executive Producer: Karen McCairley
Series Producer: Richard Martyn
Line Producer/Production Manager: Douglas Thompson